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Victory over diabetes

To win over diabetes the most important tool is KNOWLEDGE.

If you know about diabetes you will know how to tackle it

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic illness characterized by high blood sugar levels and multiple body organ system involvement.It is a progressive complex illness and can cause long term complications. It is just NOT simple high blood sugar.

Diagnosis of diabetes

It is diagnosed based on higher than normal blood sugar values. If you have typical classic symptoms of diabetes like increased thirst and urination or unexplained weight  loss and random plasma glucose is 200 mg % or more ,it is sufficient to make a diagnosis of diabetes

The standard diagnostic test for diabetes is based on testing blood sugar in fasting state and post glucose load. Fasting plasma glucose of more than or equal to 126 mg % is enough to make a diagnosis. Plasma sugar values 2 hours after taking 75 grams of glucose of more than or equal to 200 mg% are required to make a diagnosis of diabetes.

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